Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yey! Comments!!

I want to thank all the readers who left comments today - Foxtrotters, Breast Friends, Lillysnotepad, and Catherine! Reading your comments really does help, especially since I started beating myself up (just today) for skimping on training AGAIN this week.

Here's how the week has worked for me (so far): I didn't walk on Sunday. Then, I walked 1/2 mile on Monday, instead of resting - and although 1/2 mile is no where near the 3 I missed the day before, it is still SOMETHING. I didn't walk on Tuesday completely dismissing the 3 miles I was supposed to walk. Since I started the week by switching, I kept it up! I switched my Tuesday with my Wednesday, or tried to anyway. Then Wednesday showed up and Mother Nature squashed my plans with a thunderstorm - I'm on the fence as to whether (weather!) it counts against me or not. Then today, I had dance class, so instead of walking I had 1 hour of cardio as we danced our butts off for a full hour. So I'm switching my Thrusday with my Friday and planning to walk tomorrow - I'm going to try and pick up some neighbors along the way (?) - and try to complete at least 4 miles, anything less and I will be too behind for the walk I booked on Saturday.

Since my team isn't walking this week, and I am so very HORRIBLE about excercising on my own, I found an official training walk through the Participant Center Calendar. (You can find it under the participent center menu along the top of the 3-Day member site.) In making it so that I am obligated to walk, I RSVP'd to the training walk. My name is now on the list of attendees, so the world knows I am supposed to be there and if I don't show up, the world could end up knowing I didn't show up! So, even though these ladies are not my teammates, I am still obligated to them to show up and walk. Oh, and since I RSVP'd for the walk, the calendar automatically sent an email reminder so that I won't forget I RSVP'd. Which is a good thing, because I almost forgot (twice), so without the reminder sitting in my email with a star next to it, I'd never remember that I have something to do on Saturday morning other than sleeping the day away.

I am so glad the 3-Day trainers and coaches have enough experience to think of these things. I am so very horrible at excercising on my own, and now I know more than ever that I am not doing this alone - I have more than my team with me, I have the whole 3-Day community here! And, knowing that there is such a supportive community within this event - countrywide - has really made my less than complete training week!

Thank you for keeping me engaged!

Thanks for reading! ~ Deanna