Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome Kindle Readers!!!

For those of you that read my blog regularly, you probably know that I have been feeling a bit down because my donations have slowed down somewhat and I missed a training walk (or possibly two?). Over the past week, I have gotten some tremendous support from my team, and my motivation has returned. Now, I'm back to thinking about ways to get my donations back into a groove. Always keeping thoughts of donations in mind, I found something interesting while buying dance shoes on I came across an ad for Kindle blogs.

Granted this ad was geared toward Kindle readers to subscribe to blogs, but as a writer of a blog, it sparked my interest. Maybe, just maybe, I could get my blog on Kindle....and open up a new world. I stumbled around on Amazon for a while and got myself to the page where I can add my blog to Kindle. When I started signing up, I thought I'd be able to stream it free of charge to readers, as all I wanted to do was open my blog up to a new audience. After all, I am not looking for a personal profit out of this endeavour, just some support while I walk my very first 60 miles for Susan G. Komen's 3-Day For The Cure! Apparently, I didn't have the option to set pricing. Instead, Amazon sets the price. Kindle readers get a free 14 day trial, and then after that a monthly charge of $1.99.

Did you just say Amazon charges $1.99/month to read this blog through Kindle, a blog that can be read free on the internet? Why would anyone pay for that? Are you crazy? YES I AM!!! Here's why: all proceeds deposited in my account from this blog are going to be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation! The way I figure it is that $1.99/month is less than $0.07 cents a day and donations will go to help breast cancer survivors, educators, and researchers to help treat those with breast cancer, educate people about how to detect breast cancer, and develop treatments to put an end to breast cancer FOREVER!!!!

It's a WIN-WIN situation: Adding this blog to Kindle opens my blog up to a new audience and my Kindle audience knows that they are contributing to the world leader in breast cancer funding!

If you are currently reading this blog from your Kindle, thank you for your support and welcome to my blog. It is good to have you here, I hope you stay for the long haul!

If you own a Kindle and are reading this on the web, please follow this link to my Kindle page on Amazon: By reading this on Kindle, you will help put an end to breast cancer!

If you don't own a Kindle and are reading this on the web, please feel free to keep reading and know that your support means a lot, so please leave a comment so that I know you are here!

Thank you for reading ~ Deanna