Saturday, May 15, 2010


My motivation is waning. Outside of baking, my fundraising has hit a stand still, although there are team events planned in the future, they seem so far off and so unattainable. Along with the lack of donations, I missed the first training walk due to a pre-planned vacation, so I feel so behind and so lazy that I can't motivate myself to walk.

But, I find that writing about the accomplishments of our team, of myself, of my friends, in this blog is helping me to see that this is a PROCESS, not something that I need to accomplish all by myself and all at once. This blog reminded me that I have a TEAM - a team that plans training walks (next weekend), assists with fundraising events (future and past), and helps me climb the walls I may hit along the way - like the one I have hit this week - so willing to just say "I can't do this..." I am grateful for my team, and I don't know if I could accomplish this daunting task without their help.

I get so lost in the crappy economy, the bleak future, the things I haven't done that I forget that there are goals to reach and people to help me reach them. There are stickers to put on my ribbon, there are walks to enjoy with my newfound friends, and there are events to work! It is not about what I haven't done, but rather what I can accomplish!

So, thank you for reading this, as I don't think I could survive without the therapy session I get while writing about what I am doing!