Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Official Bake Sale - Success!!

Our official bake sale was held on May 1, 2010 @ Belk's Charity Event in Cartersville, GA. The bake sale raised $300.00 for the team!
This is the bake sale that I have been baking my heart out with test runs over the last three months. So, I have to show you what I donated for the sale - a pink ribbon yellow butter cake hand frosted with strawberry (pink) and cream cheese (white) frosting and two dozen strawberry cupcakes frosted with white vanilla frosting and topped with pink chocolate ribbons. Here are photos:

The bake sale also included two dozen cookies donated by Z Cakery. Please read the story behind these cookies on The Z Cakery blog here: http://z-cakery.blogspot.com/
The great thing about these cookies is that they sold like hotcakes - I sold 11 cookies between the time I picked them up and the time I dropped them off. Some of the people that bought them prior to the bake sale have placed an order for two more dozen of these cookies, so they are still selling like hotcakes! These were a big hit at work because they were wrapped individually and priced at $1.00. At the bake sale, they sold all but 2 cookies in the time allotted for the sale.
Since I didn't sell the cupcakes prior to the bake sale, I also have an order for two dozen of these as well, priced at $2.00 ($1.00 for the cupcake and $1.00 for the chocolate). It seems that I can't bring baked goods into the office without selling out!!!