Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big Peach Running Co Event! Winner!!

I went to the Big Peach Running Co. in Kennesaw, GA for the 3 Day Clinic on July 13th to get intel on socks, and I walk away with a FREE pair of Saucony shoes!!! How cool is that!?!? Way cool!

Well, I also walked away with two pairs of the BEST socks I have ever worn, a full stomach (the clinic was catered by Sweet Tomato), a light heart, and a new found love for my 3-Day journey!

Pictured in this post is the table of all the beautiful socks I had to choose from. Manning the table was Thorlos representative, Mike. He gave an awesome presentation during the event on the importance of wearing socks that are not cotton. First, cotton holds water and wet socks will rub your feet raw. So, as your feet sweat, the cotton socks will get wet, and eventually they rub your feet raw. (Go figure! Wasn't that my complaint a few days ago? Wet socks? Hmmm...) Thorlos socks are built for distance walking: they have thick padding, are made of fibers that wick water AWAY from your feet, and have a band around the arch area that keeps them from slipping and sliding. I tried a pair on and let me tell you - my feet LOVED them! They had one slight downside: they made my shoe size go from 7.5 to 8.5 - so it is a good thing I got a pair of new kicks, otherwise I would have been up a river w/o a paddle! I am a convert, even though the price tag is hefty....one pair will cost $110.00 ($15 for the socks & $95.oo for the shoes!) but the benefits outweigh the costs BY FAR!!!

I bought two pairs of socks - using the best deal! The 3 Day arranged a 15% discount to 3 Day participants during the clinic. On top of that, the store put Thorlos socks on sale with a buy one, get one at 50% off! Then, Thorlos has an additional deal (click HERE to get it for yourself): if you buy a pair of Distance Walking Thorlos socks, they will donate a dollar to cancer reasearch, education, and awareness! So, I got two pairs of socks for a fraction of the price AND got to donate $2.00 to the 3-Day! Yey!

As for the shoes, I have to admit, after attending the clinic, I would have bought another pair, even if I didn't win a pair or need a pair. You see, they not only fitted me to my proper size (that included the socks), but they watched the way I walked in the shoes to fit me to the right pair for me. They had me put on the Thorlos socks and stand in this machine that measured the pressure points on my feet, my center of gravity, and my shoe size. They put me in a pair of shoes and had me walk on a treadmill to show my pronation - the natural twist of my ankle during my stride (everyone has one, even you) - to see if I needed special support for my ankle, knees, hips, or back...because your stride affects your entire body! Armed with all this knowledge, they hooked me up with the best shoes I have ever worn. Of course, this was AFTER they had me try on 7 different pairs of shoes, and made me walk through the store and the parking lot for each pair (I think I got all 3 of my miles in! LOL). It was sort of overwhelming (as I have never had anyone ever pay that much attention to my purchase of shoes at Payless Shoe Source), but I got over it once I got into the rhythm of trying shoes on and taking them off. Reports from the girls sitting next to me were 9 pairs and 5 pairs, so I know I wasn't getting attention by myself!

MY BIG RECOMMENDATIONS: 1. Get the right socks. 2. Get properly fitted for shoes @ Big Peach (located all around Atlanta) or any nearby shoe store that will fit you properly!!! Your feet will thank you, your knees will praise you, and your back will love you!

Thanks for reading! ~ Deanna