Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gaining Mileage

I read somewhere that an average walker in a Susan G. Komen 3-Day Event will walk somewhere in the neighborhood of 585 miles (or somewhere there about) while training and on event. Don't quote me on that though, because I don't remember where I read it, all I know is that I think it can be true. I haven't even really begun the "official" training yet, and I have already logged 11 miles or so, not including the LONG walks I have been taking with my dog (he can walk about a mile before he lays down).

I have another 181 days to go, so if I keep up this pace, I should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 miles. Pretty daunting when you think of it in big chunks, but when I look at what I've walked, it doesn't seem all that far.... especially if I have the right company!

This walk was taken with my husband, who would have pushed me to go further if dinner time didn't get in the way!

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Thanks for reading! ~ Deanna