Friday, April 2, 2010

"Props" to the Dallas Theatre's Main Street Players!

While I was in college, I discovered a love for theatre that I cannot give up. In January, my local newspaper published an article about the Main Street Players, a newly formed theatrical troupe which produces plays in Dallas, GA. This article announced auditions for shows but didn't give any specifics other than the name of the theatre's manager. Upon reading the article, I immediately did some internet research, found the theatre's website and wrote an email asking "Where do I sign up for crew?" only to get a response that pretty much said you just did. By tech week, I was assigned as properties master for the inaugaral show: Robert Harling's Steel Magnolias. I was so excited, especially since I'd been out of the theatre since I moved from California 3 years ago and after 10 years working backstage, I was homesick for it. I was then doubly excited to find out they wanted my bio for the program!! So, guess what I did? Yep, you guessed it - I added a bit at the end to announce my participation in Atlanta's 3-Day!

Ticket sales were at 300+ plus for all 4 shows, allowing me to advertise to 1,200 people over two weeks!!!

So, here's where I give "props" to the Main Street Players who not only allowed me to devote some time to my passion for theatre, but allowed me to devote their program space to a cause very near to my heart! Special thanks to Lenay Walker who also hung 3-Day posters @ the theatre for future patrons to see!

Thanks Magnolias - it was great fun! Now, onto training, training, and more training!