Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Random Haircut....

I had all this hair..... when a friend of mine approached me about a program she found on the internet: Pantene Beautiful Lengths, a non-profit wig program for cancer patients. I reviewed the website and found that while Locks of Love is focused on children, Beautiful Lengths focuses on wigs for women. Since I know so many women who have needed a wig of some sort due to various types of cancer, including breast cancer, I decided that my next haircut would be much more than a trim, it would be a donation.

A really long donation! 10 Inches!!!

So, now, thanks to Valerie at the JCPenney Salon in Hiram, GA, I am rocking a new look that means much more to me than a make over could ever mean! Thank you Dawn for pointing me towards Pantene Beautiful Lengths!!!
KUDOS to Valerie, my stylist at JCPenny in Hiram - nothing but awesome comments for my new do!! This is one of the best cuts I ever rocked!