Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fundraiser 1.5

Pictured at left is my second test cake fundraiser. This was a strawberry cake with pink frosting and watermelon sprinkles (closest to pink I could find). Once baked, I found the cake to be too fragile to cut into the ribbon shape as planned, so I decorated the top instead. It turned out beautifully!
I sold the cake by the slice, completely on the honor system in the employee breakroom over two days. I raised $24.00 off of this single 13 X 9 cake. While it wasn't a big fundraiser, it did raise awareness, especially within our Spanish speaking employee community. There is absolutely NO information currently available in Spanish regarding the 3-Day event, so I had a few of the bilingual workers explain what I was doing and why - the cake helped!
This was such a hit, they asked that I bake again next month. I'm going to do a different type of cake each month, with different decorations. If I can make $24.00 a month for the next 7 months, this fundraiser may clear $168.00! Not bad for a cake a month, right?
I want to thank the employees of BHI in Cartersville, GA for their support of my participation in the 3-Day event!