Friday, March 12, 2010

A Big THANK YOU to all my donors!!!

Special thanks go to all of my current donors: Sarah Steiferman (my first donor!), Patty Oaks (my biggest donor!), Anne Castrop, Molly Johnson, and Becky Weber!!! Thank you for your donations, they are going to the most worthy of causes!

With their help, I have reached another goal: my first $500!!!

Please feel free to check out - there you can find more information about how your donations are aiding the cutting edge research and programs designed to educate, screen, and treat breast cancer, both locally and nationally!

So far, I have raised a total of $650.00, which is a FANTASTIC start - (thanks Sarah, Patty, Anne, Molly & Becky!) - but I'm not there yet! I need another $1,650 to reach my goal of $2,300. So, if you haven't already donated, can you help? You can donate through this blog (click the black box that says 'Donate Now'), through my facebook profile (click the donate button under my friends list), send a check made out to 'Susan G Komen' with my name on the memo line (mail to: 3 Day for the Cure, PO BOX 660843, Dallas, TX 75266-0843) or call 1-800-996-3day (1-800-996-3329). Anything from $5.00 to $1GAZILLON dollars will help me reach my goal!! Okay, maybe a gazillon is too much to ask I will ask you to give what you can. If you can give nothing more than $0.00 (because even I know that the economy sucks), please feel free to pass this request along to family, friends, neighbors, fellow church members, your favorite bartender, complete strangers, and the next police officer who stops to ask you what you are doing - because you never know who can give and who can't!

I want to thank those that are supporting me: financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically!! That includes my team: THE SISTERHOOD OF THE PINK SNEAKERS, my family (especially my loving husband), my neighbors, and everyone else who has given me ideas, believes I can do this (I'm still a little unsure), and lends words of encouragement. I really do appreciate everything!!!