Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Title of Ambassador

Yesterday, I was honored by the Susan G. Komen Foundation by being graced with the title of 3-Day Ambassador. Part of me feels that I just made this challenge that much more difficult, but a greater part of me feels that I just made the biggest contribution I could ever make even BIGGER. For that, I am honored.

Now, however, I am going to be held accountable for updating this blog with my progress - which means that I have to make progress!!! EEEK!!! It can so intimidating (if I let it!) - I have such a long way to go - I have only raised $10.00, have yet to walk further than the edge of the parking lot to the doors of the Wal-Mart, have only 1 follower and I still don't know anyone walking yet! Thankfully I still I have 262 days until the 3-Day! Bring it on!!!

As for my progress, the next step is: checking out the Share List in the participation center and sending out a few emails to meet some fellow walkers and possibly join a team. Network, network, and network that's my current motto. I'm also going to read the message boards again - I found my last fundraising idea there, so who knows what I will find this time? Oh, and I can't forget to send a shout out to the February Newsletter which hooked me up with ambassorship!