Monday, July 29, 2013

Mammogram Stress...

So, I received a call today. I have to go back and get another mammogram!!! EEK was the first thing that went through my head, even though they told me that I would be called to return for another scan. But, knowing I am getting the call and actually getting the call, two different things. It is amazing what emotions are drummed up from the bottom when someone stirs the pot!

Anyway, the reason I have to go back is because the mammogram picked up "tiny calcifications" in my right breast. Of course, I started freaking out, so I posted on facebook about my freak out - and my wonderful friends unleashed such support, I'm not freaking out as bad. Many of my friends indicated that they went through this stress, and it was nothing. "DON'T WORRY!!" Ha, ha! :)

One of my friends sent me to this website: which has some good info, because I didn't know what calcifications were before reading it. Basically what it boils down to is this: calcium in my breast, which could be due to LOT of things NOT related to cancer. But, then again, it could, maybe.

In fully researching the subject, I went to Komen.Org and I searched for calcifications and found this fact sheet: FACTS FOR LIFE Breast Calcifications. This document reinforced the information found in the other post, but also emphasized asking your doctor questions.

These sites helped some, but I am still a little stressed. Going into the mammogram, I knew I was going to put myself through this stress, which is part of the reason I tried avoiding it. The radiologist at the Paulding Physician's Center (Wellstar) tried her best to leave me with a "don't worry if they call you, it is normal" but I can't help jumping to the most gruesome outcome. (I would like to thank Stephen King for that!) I am now sitting here, worrying. I will be worrying all week.

But, the great thing is: my appointment is on 8/5/2013 and the mammogram will be reviewed while I am there. I was assured that I will know the results/next steps before I leave the building. My fingers are crossed that this is nothing, but I am asking you to keep me in your prayers, just in case!

Thanks for reading! ~ Deanna