Sunday, June 9, 2013

Today's Walk!

Well, I learned two things from today's walk. The first thing is....SOCKS are important! Not just the socks themselves, but how they fit in your shoe, if they are slick on the inside, and their moisture level. The previous two walks, I ended up with blisters ON TOP of blisters. Painful does not even describe it. Today, I walked just about double the previous walks, without blisters!! The second thing brain turns off around mile 6. All I remember thinking after our last pit stop/stretch was that I need to move my left foot, no I need to move my right foot.

Having Michelle as a training walk leader really helps - she motivates me more than I can say. I guess that is what brought me back. I can't imagine doing this without someone there to drag me out in AWFUL weather, HORRIBLE hours, and through all sorts of terrain. I am grateful!

Anyway, here is the map from my cell phone of today's route. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading! ~ Deanna

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