Friday, March 22, 2013


Boy how my life has changed since I walked The 3 Day in 2010!!!

A month after the 2010 event, I found out I was pregnant. Nine months later, I gave birth to a baby girl, Nikki. Needless to say, the 2011 3 Day event was out of the question - I was still enjoying maternity leave when the Atlanta event happened. When the 2012 3 Day event came around, my husband, Nikki and I were still learning the ropes of being a new family and ironing out work schedules. We just couldn't figure out a way for me to train for 8 hours a day with an infant/toddler - especially with a "No Strollers Allowed" training walk rule. Nikki is as cute as a button, especially all decked out cheering on 3 Day walkers, but after about an hour in the stroller she is a raving maniac. Who could blame her?? Not me. And who can blame anyone for making a "no stroller" rule - I sure don't like walking with a screaming baby in a stroller!! So, I took some time off from walking  - 3 years seems like such a long time - but now I am ready to take on this amazing journey yet again....

With the BEST team EVER: Treasured Chests (Atlanta) - such good friends and co-conspirators are hard to come by so I AM NOT LETTING GO!!! This year, we have set our sights high!! Our team has a fundraising goal of $60,000. My personal fundraising goal is $2,300, until I reach it.....

I am praying I achieve my goals, especially with all the controversy I have already come across....Pray with me. Or even better yet, JOIN ME. Then again,  you could always DONATE!

Thanks for reading! ~ Deanna