Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I USED to hate pink.....

Back when pink meant Barbie dolls, princesses, and run down houses in the mid-West. Back when wearing pink meant you were a frail little girl that needed people to watch over you or worse yet, a guy trying to be Don Johnson. Yeah, I used to hate pink.
But, that was before I understood that pink has power…..
Pink, the washed out version of red I disliked so much, is a far deeper color than I ever could have imagined: full of inspiration, perseverance, and strength. It has the ability to overcome huge obstacles and obtain huge goals. It offers hope. It shows solidarity. It has many shades, and an ever-changing presence. This version of pink is the pink I was introduced to at Closing Ceremonies of the Atlanta leg of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure! It is a color I have grown to love.
Pink is inspiring because it was on every sign held by people cheering us on. It was worn by every walker in front of me – showing me that I wasn’t alone and if they can do it, so could I.

Pink can overcome obstacles because every walker wearing pink overcame something to get to closing ceremonies. For me, those obstacles were: a month long reaction to antibiotics & a battle with dehydration during training and a shin splint at mile 25 while on event.

Pink can offer hope because every walker wearing pink raised at least $2,300.00 to fight breast cancer. $2,300.00 dedicated to breast cancer survival, screening, and research – a total of $6.1 million raised by the 2,400 walkers and 350 crew members in Atlanta.

Pink obtained huge goals – 60 miles over 3 days…..

Thanks for reading! ~ Deanna