Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Highs & Lows

So, Labor Day weekend came along....and my mind said "Ooooo Holiday! I'm taking a break!" And this thinking has gotten me in trouble, I think....

Our team had 3 days of walks, all under 10 miles - one on Saturday, one on Sunday, and one on Monday. My plans for the weekend included taking Saturday off, to spend sleeping in and hanging out with my husband, walking and fundraising on Sunday, and walking on Monday. Notice I used the word "plans".....because my plans didn't become complete reality!

Of course, Saturday plans were a no brainer to complete in full.

After sleeping in on Saturday, I hit the ground walking on Sunday. The walk was an 8 mile loop from our normal meeting place through a HILLY neighborhood in a different direction than our normal routes. I really wasn't paying attention all that much while walking, except when we hit "the hill." This hill reminded me of the hills of San Francisco, although not as bad as California Street, I didn't think I could walk it, especially after walking for over an hour. But, I did! And, when we got to the top, I turned around to look back at what I accomplished, only to be disappointed because we'd walked through a curve and couldn't see the entirity of the incline we just walked. However, I knew what the hill looked like before I started, which made me so proud.

For some reason, I got this walk mixed up with the Monday walk which was 2 loops of 4 miles. So, when we arrived back at our cars, I thought we'd take a break and then walk the next 4 miles. How wrong was I? Wrong enough to be so surprised when everyone headed for their cars and the team leader asked for a ride to our fundraiser because we'd just completed 8 miles! Now, I was really, really amazed. Not only did I walk 8 miles thinking I'd walked 4, but the 8 miles I walked included a serious incline! Whoo-hoo!

So, I got in my car and drove to Disco Kroger for our canning fundraiser. For 3.5 hours, I stood/sat in front of Kroger asking people for money with 4 of my teammates. One of our teammates had already met her mininum, so we ended up splitting the take 3 ways. We made $ 404! So, I walked away with $ 135!

Sunday plans done - 8 miles and $135 dollars - I was on a high!

Monday's plans however, did not happen! I planned on walking....but sometimes the best laid plans just don't work. My body plotted against me, so in order to keep myself walking the long haul, I didn't walk. I know, it doesn't make sense, but then again it does. If this walk was the 3-Day, I would have walked, but being that I am just preparing for the 3-Day, I don't want to ruin my chances of not walking for the 3-Day by overpreparing! So, I ended the weekend on a low. Bummer!

But I know this trip is a journey that will include plenty of highs and lows, and through it, I will learn more about love, life, and laughter (along with learning about myself) than I will from any other accomplishment that I can think of in this moment!

Thanks for reading! ~ Deanna